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"Hello, my name is Kalen Gibbons, and I'm a codeaholic".
Well... I may not need a support group, but I am very passionate about software development and architecture. Coding is both my day job and my leisure activity. I own two development companies and have been programming for over a decade. I live in the beautiful state of Montana with my lovely wife and four wonderful children.

Professional Skills

Node.js w/ Express 97%
Flex 3.0 / ActionScript 97%
Angular / Angular JS 95%
JavaScript 95%
ColdFusion w/ ColdBox 93%
HTML & CSS 92%
SQL / Relational Databases 85%
Photoshop 85%
MongoDB 80%
Gulp / Jenkins / AWS 80%
Ionic 70%
WordPress 60%

Work Experience

2016 - Present

Stone and Blade Logo

Co-owner and Consultant

Stone & Blade is a joint effort, created by Brandon Born and myself. It was created as an outlet to support our after hours endeavors and pet projects. Through this we develop mobile apps like One of Us, and have a long list of future projects in queue.

2013 - Present

Consulting Application Developer

Currently leading client-side and API development for my.esri.com, the one-stop portal for Esri customers to download and activate software, track orders and licensing, get support and much more. The site is available in over 30 languages and is written in Angular JS and Node.

2012 - Present

Sercossa Inc Logo

President & Lead Engineer

Sercossa Inc. was created as a development firm to facilitate my transition into freelance and contract work.

I am currently acting as President, in charge of acquiring clients, managing payroll, etc.

This corporation also serves as an umbrella for some additional efforts, such as our subscription service - Foster-Training.com.

2011 - 2014

Cognetive Systems Logo

Consulting Application Developer

Solitarily developed an application for Gojo (makers of Purell) for managing, tracking, and reporting the use of hand sanitization stations in hospitals, using state-of-the-art sensor technology.

The application was written with Adobe Flex, ColdFusion, and MySQL.

2011 - 2015

Inland Empire
ColdFusion User Group

IECFUG Co-Manager & Presenter

Helped plan, organize, and manage monthly user group meetings.

Also, assisted in finding speakers and presenters, handling group communication and made a mobile app for managing attendance and awarding raffle winners.

2007 - 2012

Team Lead & Senior Application Developer

Responsible for leading the "Framework Applications" team in daily operations, architectural review and peer mentoring.

Developed applications using Flex or AJAX front-ends and ColdFusion back-ends. My applications were critical to customers – required for them to download, authorized, and use Esri software.

Responsible for screening and interviewing all candidates applying for ColdFusion, Flex, and other related positions.



Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Option in Computer Information Systems

California State Polytechnic University Pomona

  • Graduated Magna Cum Laude
  • President's & Dean's Honor Lists
  • Member of Golden Key Honor Society

Extracurricular Projects

One of Us app

One of Us

Foster Training website


The Definitive Guide To The ColdBox Platform

The Definitive Guide
To The ColdBox Platform

CacheBox: Scaling Your ColdFusion Applications

CacheBox: Scaling Your ColdFusion Applications

More Recent Work


  • Aside from being knowledgeable and very well versed in a wide range of subjects and tech, he is also an extremely nice person and just a pleasure to work with. If you're looking for quality from both professional and personal standpoints, look no further - he is that guy.

    Vladimir Ugryumov
    Vladimir Ugryumov Senior Application Engineer | Medidata Solutions
  • Kalen is one of the best developers around. [He] does a fantastic job of ensuring he understands the requirements and his work products always hit the mark. His hard work, dedication to the team, honesty, and great communication skills have made [him] very successful.

    I give Kalen my highest recommendation.

    Bob Waltrip
    Bob Waltrip Program Manager / Sr. Project Manager | Esri
  • [Kalen] is one of the best developers I have ever worked with.
    He is an extremely valuable person to have in the team. His responses are timely, value-added and his ability to listen and understand the requirements thoroughly and come up with efficient ways to implement them is marvelous.

    Preethi Varambally
    Preethi Varambally Senior Product Manager | Pivotal Software, Inc.
  • Our company greatly benefited from his multiple sets of skills as a developer, as a communicator, and software architect.
    I’d recommend Kalen with no hesitation and I am positively sure, as are any of my colleagues who worked with him, that he will be an asset to have in your team.

    Cosmo Greco
    Cosmo Greco Project Manager | Esri
  • [Kalen] is a solid programmer with a well rounded understanding of web application development. Very detail oriented and easy to work with. One of the strongest developers I have had the pleasure to work with.

    Josh Highland
    Josh Highland Founder & CEO | Venntov
  • If I were starting a business and needed developers, Kalen would not be the only developer that I would hire, but he would be the first. Kalen's broad range of web development knowledge, sterling work ethic, and ability to clearly define project scope put him on the top of the heap.

    Stephen Wittenberg
    Stephen Wittenberg Senior Developer | Esri
  • [Kalen] has an exceptional ability to develop new skills and solve incredibly complex problems, setting him apart from many developers and analysts.
    Even more so, [his] impeccable persona draws others to work and collaborate with him.

    Scott Dabbs
    Scott Dabbs Senior Business Manager, Global Business Development | Esri
  • Quality work with creative solutions and attention to detail, delivered on time above and beyond expectations.
    I worked with Kalen for 11 years and can attest to his ability to meet or beat deadlines, to listen to you to understand your needs, and to constantly hone and improve his craft. He’s a smart, helpful, caring man, and you couldn’t do better than to have him on your team or your project.

    Teresa Dolan
    Teresa Dolan Business Analyst | Esri
  • Kalen is so knowledgeable and always ready to help team members.
    [He] is an excellent resource and has a high degree of problem solving skills.

    Hari Popuri
    Hari Popuri Senior Consultant | Acumen Solutions
  • [Kalen] is a phenomenal developer, and has the work ethic and soft skills that make him impossible to replace.
    I appreciate his loyalty and dedication to the team, and also as a friend.

    Sherry Christian
    Sherry Christian Manager of Applications | Esri
  • Kalen is a very sharp-witted thinker. [He] was a great resource to help me solve programming issues (particularly in JavaScript). Kalen taught me useful techniques in critical thinking and analysis. He’s an all-around great soul.

    Raymond Heredia
    Raymond Heredia Application Development Specialist | Accenture
  • [Kalen] is a leader with an unflappable attitude and the ability to think big picture. Most importantly, Kalen is very passionate about his craft and therefore only produces the highest quality of work.

    Cole Collins
    Cole Collins Developer | Esri

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